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   asheu wallpaper factory
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 France Asheu wallpaper factory was founded in 1989, is a professional high-tech products to engage in research, www.asheu.com development, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises at the provincial level. The main production and marketing of wallpaper, and related products Qiangbu. After 20 years of development, has become the world's largest manufacturer of professional wallpaper one-year production capacity reached 700 million rolls of wallpaper, all production capacity of 5,000,000 square, among the world's top manufacturers of wallpaper on the list, product sales in the world Countries. www.asheu.com The company is capable of producing more than 3,000 species, a variety of technology wallpaper, wallpaper asheu and wide, all products that use environmentally friendly water-based ink technology and production, every 30 days to develop a new version. Products covered by the series of works, family home, family and children's entertainment series such as the four series. www.asheu.com

www.asheu.com Guangdong Province, China by Longxi Industrial Zone,Guangzhou,China, wallpaper 100 acres production base, more production lines, covering PVC, nonwoven, plain paper, screen printing, gold foilWallpaper and other categories. Advanced equipment and system planning, implementation, or large quantities of bothSmall batches can free manufacturing www.asheu.com in brick blackWatts, Kexiang Design Center,singlefamily design of buildings, a group of people who love life and believe in creativity is for lifePhilosophy. Designdriven Kexiang manufacturing. From the "asheu" at the beginning the end of 11 and formed their own more than 40 Version, many OEM versions of the sample of camp. asheu wallpaper has become the industry's fastest version of the advance Business www.asheu.com

www.asheu.com asheu is the leader in the Chinese wallcovering and soft decoration industry and also the leading international provider of integrated wallcovering and soft decoration solutions.One Decade’s Endeavor Fostering Leading Brand asheu is committed to its brand mission of “combining people with home to create a world of great beauty” and adheres to its brand concept of “nobility, elegance, originality and refinement”. www.asheu.com After more than twenty years’ vigorous development and continuous transcendence, asheu has grown into a leading industrial brand integrating design, marketing and services from a pure sales enterprise as it was at the beginning of its establishment in 1989 Global Cooperation Fostering Top Quality With the leader’s vision and expert’s level, asheu joins hands with both Chinese and foreign first-class design and R&D teams including Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University; and it also integrates and cooperates with 12 top international wallcovering and soft decoration brands in Europe and North America, thus bringing the Chinese consumers the first-class products that keep pace with the world.

www.asheu.com Bold to Be No.1 to Lead Industrial Marketing.As the first leading company through chain operation of professional brands in its industry, asheu owns the design, marketing and service teams of the largest scale. Its specialized network of brands under unified authorization and management covers the main cities of China and serves the customers all over the country.In July 1989, the “asheu Wallcovering-Soft Decoration Experience”, asheu’s first store of Asian wallcovering and soft decoration, was spectacularly opened in Beijing and became the first milestone of the leaping development in this industry. It leads the Chinese wallcovering and soft decoration industry into the new era of terminal experience marketing and provides the consumers with brand-new consuming experience.Improved Services Fostering Worry-Free Consumption.In July 1989, asheu took the lead in launching the first professional service brand—“asheu 360°Worry-Free Service System” in its industry to fully upgrade the original service quality. Using the internationally advanced construction equipment and service standards, this system provides all-round and professional worry-free services ranging from choice of products, interior arrangement, site measurement, delivery and construction to after-sales maintenance.Innovation and Win-Win to Create Industrial Splendor As the leader in the Chinese wallcovering and soft decoration, asheu will follow the development concept of “professional, innovative, joint creation and win-win”. Together with other players in this industry, asheu will expand and strengthen the Chinese wallcovering and soft decoration industry to enable more consumers who know the life to use high-quality wallcovering and soft decoration products

www.asheu.com asheu Wallpaper factory is the domestic large-scale factory, who specialized in manufacturing wallpaper. It occupies an area of 93800 square meters and the building area is 32000 square meters. It locates at the longxi industrial developing zone and it is at the point where it meets Guagnzhou xianggan express and other highways, having an obviously predominant location, convenient traffic and best logistics. www.asheu.com The factory owns the research team of experienced professionals, brings in the advanced technology from Europe and America, and places an active part in discussing with international counterparts, so that the technological innovation and product development of asheu can link up with the international advanced level. At present, the products of asheu cover from PVC wallpaper to fabric wallpaper.The width of wallpaper is from 53cm, to 70cm, to 92cm, and then to 106cm. The printing technology is from screen printing, to gravure printing, and then to digital printing. The surface material is from PVC ,to PU, to Nanocoating, to grains of sand, to Acrylic, to coated flocking, to nylon flocking, and so on. The wallpaper can be widely used in common family, villas, hotels, restaurants, shops and display halls, etc. Artshow is fully deserved manufacturer with qualified products in the domestic market. After many years development, asheu now is the factory drafting out the national standard for wallpaper and the facotry firstly adopting international standard EN233-1999 for wallpaper production in China. asheu is also the first green enterprise in China passing the attestation of ISO14001 Internatioal Environment Supervisor System. ARtshow now has become very famous brand in China, which is deeply approved by the social, trusted by the clients, welcomed by foreign customers, and liked by the customers. www.asheu.com

Product Description
wallpaper manufacturer www.asheu.com large manufactory specialize in wallpaper products in china chinese high quality wallpaper, wallpaper covering, decorative wallpaper, wall coating,,manufacturer exporter supplier factory company wholesale wallpapermanufacturing www.asheu.com wallpaper manufacturer www.asheu.com large manufactory specialize in wallpaper products in china chinese high quality wallpaper, wallpaper covering, decorative wallpaper, wall coating,,manufacturer exporter supplier factory company wholesale wallpapermanufacturing www.asheu.com

Business Type :   Trading
Address :   Longxi Developing Zone,GuangZhou,China
City & Country :   guangzhou , China
Tel No. :   020-28098668
Fax no. :   020-28098669
Website :   http://www.asheu.com
Contact Person :   harvey
e-Mail :   Click here to contact us

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